Anamorphic adapters

Luma Tech has always valued itís customers investments. Proof of that is for example the recent introduction of uncoated front-elements that can be used on existing Illumina S35 lenses.

At NAB 2015 Luma Tech shows the next step, a prototype of an Anamorphic adapter that works in conjunction with the existing Illumina S35 lenses.

One advantage is that S35 owners do not have to buy a second, dedicated, set of lenses for anamorphic use but by adding the adapter they can use their current S35 lenses for both purposes.

With a squeeze factor of 1.3x the adapter is specifically designed to make a 2.39:1 image fit a 16:9 sensor. The adapter will be available for lenses with a focal distance of 35mm and above.

Preliminary specifications:

MAX aperture (with a T1.3 lens) T1.9
Squeeze factor 1.3x
(Outside) front diameter 120mm
Weight 2 KG