Expert Fault analysis

For the trained engineer, LumaCon also offers more expert fault analysis tools.

Each LumaCon comes equipped with additional test-patterns and a focal-plane microscope that offer the possibility for analysis of the following lens assembly faults.

1) Spherical abberation: caused by incorrect regulation of air gaps between lens elements or groups.

2) Coma: caused by the decentering of optical parts or components of the lens assembly

3) Astigmatism: caused by pinching optics are pinching, due to uneven mechanical pressure.

Off course combinations of the above can also be detected.

Lens resolution check (in center)

In combination with the Focal-plane microscope the LumaCon can generate a center-weighted resolution reading for comparison of lenses of similar type. It is not intended as an absolute resolution test or a substitute for MTF analysis.

It is most useful as a comparative check in aid of maintaining consistent quality across your lens inventory.