LumaCon linear collimator

As the performance of modern cameras constantly increases, flaws and inconsistencies in lenses become more apparent and harder to control. Any company that is involved in lens rental, repair, design or manufacturing needs an accurate and consistent tool to verify optical performance according to established specifications.

Luma Tech has designed a new and innovative tool for this purpose. The LumaCon is born from a lens-design perspective but was developed in close co¬operation with rental and service companies to meet their need for an efficient tool for evaluating lens performance.

It offers ease of use for maintenance operations, plus the flexibility of more advanced features when required. This with only one intention; having your lenses where they belong, in the field not in the service department.

The LumaCon is a linear collimator consisting of three main parts; hardware comprising an optical bench with illuminated test targets, proprietary software that is responsible for control of the optical bench and user-interface, and a focal-plane microscope.