Uncoated front-elements for S35

Article# G01041

A set of uncoated front-elements for the basic set (18, 25, 35, 50 & 85mm) of Illumina S35 lenses

In 2014 Luma Tech began deliveries of special uncoated front elements for the S35 series to aid filmmakers in obtaining a dreamy vintage look associated with “old school” lenses made before modern advances in anti-reflection coatings.

This custom-produced glass will non-destructively adapt both new and existing lenses to produce a vintage look in lenses with modern user features.

Installation of uncoated elements is accomplished with simple tools but is best performed by an experienced lens technician. It does not require return of lenses to the factory. Your authorized Luma Tech sales agent can guide you through the relevant procedures and resources to manage this task.