Service & support by GearCam

Being the European Luma Tech distributor GearCam recognizes the need for a high-level and efficient service- & support infrastructure.

This is especially important in a professional market that relies on the equipment they are using and where the first change is in most situations the only change.

We also recognize that equipment in our market is sometimes (unintentionally) exposed to a hostile environment, like dust moisture and sand.

Our three optical service engineers have a combined service background of over 50 years. To ensure a proper service of the Illumina lenses all three engineers have been factory trained by LOMO engineers.

GearCam is fully backed by Lumatech & LOMO for spareparts and access to the actual designers, so in case there are issues they can be addressed in the most efficient way.

And as our service department is based in the Netherlands the “road to service” is straightforward, no hassle with carnets or customs! In case the lenses come from outside the EU, or have to go out of the EU, our logistics department has got the required experience to import & export them in the most convenient way.

Daily pickups from most of the worldwide operating courier services ensure a further efficient handling.

Just ask, we are here to help!

Delivery/shipping adress for repairs:

GearCam BV

Larenseweg 121

1221 CL Hilversum

The Netherlands